Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CCS/MAC Update!

So I stopped by my local CCS (yeah, I am there ALOT) and saw only a few new notable items to report:

One new eyeshadow in a rich, matte2 brown Handwritten $10.00 @ CCS vs. $14.50 retail. The consistency of the matte2 shadows are unbelievably silky. The test swatch I did completely sold me and this shade will now replace my former matte brown BFF, Embark. Sorry, loyalty is not a virtue of mine when it comes to shadow blendability! 

1 quad palette Smoke Signals: Gentle Fumes (clockwise from top left) Rondelle, Waft, Carbon, and Gentle Fume for $24.75 vs. $36.00 retail.

Fix+ for $12.50 vs. $16.00 retail, a spritz on make up fixer that promises to seal your face war paint like MAACO varnish.

Only two (yes, two.) products from the FAFI Special Edition line. Belightful Iridescent Pressed Powder $14.75 vs. $21.00 retail. They also have this product in the regular M.A.C packaging if they're out of the FAFI compact.

and one lip gloss of which the name evades me right now! I know I should write stuff down instead of using my flaky "photogenic memory", but sometimes I feel like its illegal or something! I always feel watched. HA HA! Anywho, I was bummed and in disbelief, so I chatted up the working counter girl and she swore that those were the only two items they received. Something told me I could trust her, so I thanked her graciously and left pouting.

Aside from these products, they also had Tendertone Lip Balms and Tinted Lip Conditioners, as well as Prep+Prime Skin, skin care stuff on this link, and more items from my last report added to stock. But as with most sought after MAC products, I am sure the pictured items will move quickly, so get to chopping!

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