Sunday, July 27, 2008

MAC attack!

So when I get the urge to scratch my MAC itch, I always head first to the Cosmetic Company Store outlet. The closest one to me is located inside the Saks Off 5th outlet store at The Block in Orange County, CA. I swear, the ladies in there must think I am a shoplifter or MAC fiend in for my fix because I am always in the MAC section touching and tester-ing EVERYTHING. Even walking away empty-handed...sometimes.

They have mighty strict rules there at the CCS. Some are:
  1. No purchases totaling over $300 per person (This is where you cash in on all the IOUs ladies.)
  2. You must pinky promise you are not buying to resell the items.
  3. No licking (Not really but ya never know now do you? Some things just gotta be said.)

Currently they have a plentiful supply of the latest holiday collection "Royal Assets". Consisting of eyeshadow palettes, lip palettes, lip gloss sets, lip sticks, eyeliner sets, brush sets and oh so much more. You name it, they got it! So if you think you missed out in 2007, this is probably your last chance to pick them up at a big discount before they're gone for good or you can pay a ridiculous amount for them on eBay and come to find out they're really MIC. ;p

Sometimes you can also find the most sought after brushes hidden away at the back counter, crying out like pound puppies to be taken home. It takes a trained eye to spot them behind the counter chicks, you know, the ones dressed in the black smocks wishing you would disappear?

Side Track Warning: 9 out of the 10 ladies who work the CCS counter have NO CLUE about the products being sold there or make up in general. So don't ask them, they don't know. TRUST ME. Not being bitchy, just the truth.

Regroup: Most brushes on stock are discontinued but during my recent visit I did spy the 187 & 188 stippling brushes. I have read great reviews about these babies on and will be owning a pair by the end of tonight (if they're still there)! Also there was the 222 blending brush. Great for blending in a smaller crease area as opposed to the 217 or 224. The one brush I did pick up recently is the discontinued 185 Kabuki brush with the shorter white bristles:

Personally, I LOVE this brush for applying mineral foundation because of the length and density of the bristles. The application is tons more concentrated and controlled and alot less messier than its longer bristled counterpart, agent 182. It delivers a smooth, flawless finish every time! My sisters are jealous and that's the second most desired result. 

They also have a ton of Paint Points, some Fluid Line, Shade Sticks, lip-glass-gloss-sticks-liners. I mean, you really just have to go there. They never have the same thing twice, one week you can walk in and run into a stash of pigments and the next week they may be gone. So this is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Happy Chopping!

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