Saturday, July 26, 2008

YouTube MUAs

Meanwhile back at the ranch, in a rare moment of temporary addiction to youtube, I stumbled upon make up tutorials. "Hello, where have you been!?" I know, I am good at this mind reading thing... Well bear with me, I have a toddler and I work 45+ hours a week, so needless to say, I am not in the "know" 24/7, ya know? So, on youtube, I channel surf and run across the good, the bad, and (unfortunately) the ugly in make-up application tutorials, tips, tricks, etc.

So far my top three favorite youtube make up mavens are:

Leesha AKA xsparkage - Leesha's cute, quirky, honest, and has a wealth of make up knowledge beyond her 20 years. Miss xsparkage has also just launched her own website and we (we as in me and my macbook) cannot wait to see what she has to offer in her new forum. Also on her resume is a hair accessory website completely dedicated to the cutest handmade bows. How cute? Kitten in a porcelain tea cup cute!
Check it:

Jody AKA monroemisfitmakeup - Jody is a unique, ultra-talented, and insanely beautiful blonde bombshell. Miss Jody is the type of make up artist that borders on being a true artist as defined by the general population. Me thinks she must be awesome in other artsy related activities such as painting, sketching, fashion, etc.

Viznuk Svetlana AKA nirenya - Best European import. Also very talented and has an awesome trick to recreate crease depth and eye shape with just a basic eyeliner pencil and small smudge brush. Her technique takes some time for her to create so I am thinking it will take us more average maker uppers longer to learn and master the technique but I am more than willing to give it a shot. She also has her own website plastered with beautiful photos of her looks.
Scope it:

I highly suggest you watch and learn. These ladies have sparked the fire within me to get reacquainted with my make-up arsenal and be creative. As I mentioned before, due to my moment of utter insanity, my make up supply seems a bit bare now. Consequently I am on the prowl for new beauty products.

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