Friday, July 25, 2008

Give Me Cheese!

"A revolutionary new mascara designed to grip at lashes starting at the roots. Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara perfectly curls and separates lashes. It has a high-tech, patented round sphere at the tip of the precision wand that reaches every lash and adapts to all eye shapes. The result? A beautifully fanned-out panoramic effect, holding the curve of your lashes perfectly in place." - Sephora

Okay, so who's going to dish out $27 to test ride this new bad girl in town? In my opinion, it looks like they just cut the tip off of a beefed up mascara wand, stuck it on a pretty stick, and said "Voila, give me francs!" It's kinda the same concept of using just the end of your mascara wand to apply the product. I ain't biting! Someone sell me because this product is the equivalent of a box of Pampers Cruisers in baby currency!

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