Thursday, July 24, 2008

She's Back!

When did you leave and where did you go you may ask? Better, yet just who the heck are you? Well, the truth is I am a negligent blogger. I am, I must confess. I had a blog many many moons ago but I just couldn't find the time or money to keep it pumping. How exactly does blogging cost money? Well, my reasons to blog did cost money and I could no longer use the excuse that I needed to buy something just to blog about it. For some reason creditors just cannot put that as a valid reason for bankruptcy. I kid! I was lazy okay? Ya got me.

Seriously though I also had a period where I felt...guilt?...that I had sooooo much make-up and beauty related products. I found that the only time I dipped into my horde of goodies was for a quick 5 minute session while the hubs carpooled us on the 55 to work. It almost felt wrong. Like I was abusing my beauty products. My loyal soldiers who saw me through many days of utter need and I left them, cooped up in their train case dungeon while I give my lackadaisical attention to my Carmex stick and Bare Minerals Foundation/Tinted Mineral Veil (I may be lazy, but I ain't stoopid!) Then I got a charity stick up my *ahem* and starting doling out MAC goodies like a soup kitchen on Christmas day. Okay, drama! I know, but those constantly on the beauty beat are rarely known for being demure.

That's it for my intro back into the beauty beat. Hopefully, this time I will stick around! ;P

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