Monday, July 28, 2008

Paint the town...

As I predicted, I found myself squirming in my office chair at around 4:45ish because I wanted so badly to visit my local CCS to pick up some MAC loot. After swallowing my dinner whole (I have no idea what I ate) I drug (that sounds bad! dragged?) my hubs, baby, and cousin to The Block. Safety in numbers? No, I wanted the cousin to share in the MACness. Plus she's been dying to get her lips on the Russian Red lipstick, and they had it there. I bribed her and she took the bait. ;P I already had my budget and shopping list completed before I even left work so I headed straight to the Paint Pots. Among the more dramatic colors such as Delft, Moss Scape, and Greenstroke there were the following more neutral shades I did pick up.

Paint Pots $11.75 each @ CCS (Compared to $16.50 each @ MAC):
Shade description: Metallic dark brown with subtle red pearl (Frost). I can already tell that this jar and I are going to become quite the BFFs, especially on the days I am feeling the brown smokey look. The shade can be subtle if worn alone for the quick fix days, but if packed on the color is rich and yummy!
Fresco Rose
Shade description: Mid-tone pink with matching pearl (Frost). This shade will be an awesome base for my weaker pink and purple eyeshadow hues to give it that extra oomph they need to be transformed from pretty to vavooom!
Shade description: Frosted smoky black grey with multi-coloured pearl (Frost). For the classic smokey eye look, this color will surely deliver intensity. I predict I will rely on this Paint Pot rather than Blacktrack fluid liner as a base.

The staying power on Paint Pots are beyond amazing! They last tons longer than the Shadestick, my base of choice pre-Paint Pot. The test swatch I did at around 7pm is still glimmering on my hand at 11pm! Luckily they didn't have my wish list Paint Pots: Rubenesque, Bare Study (sold out on, and Layin' Low. Otherwise I'd be three Paint Pots richer and $36 more in debt! ;P

***Another quick secret about CCS: If they have a particular product which is in high demand, usually any product that can be deemed a "staple" in black such as eyeliner, mascara, or the above Paint Pot, you must ASK if they have it in stock. They do not have testers of these items on the shelves because apparently those are the items most likely to be thieved. So always remember to ask!!

And what is painting without the right brush!?!
222 Tapered Blending Brush $19.75 @ CCS (Compared to $28.00 @ MAC)
"Apply, contouring or highlighting powerder-based products such as an eyeshadow, poweder, or Pigment. Soft round 'brush' tapers into a tip. Of natural fibres." -
*Very similar to the 217, with longer, less dense bristles or the 224, which is a lot fluffier with black bristles. The 222 blending brush is great for us girls with a smaller crease and/or eye area.
187 Duo Fibre Brush $29.50 @ CCS (Compared to $42.00 @ MAC)

"A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powders or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add texture. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres." -

*A blush brush is not just a blush brush of course, of course. The 187 is in a league of its own for blending! Compared to the regular 129, this brush is much more user friendly and clown proof! I welcomed these two newbies to my make up brush community and they fit in just fine! Oh and of course, I was youtubing before bed last night and picked up this ingenious tip! If you're one of those who relies on the numbers of your brushes or just like that it remain on the brush, a quick swipe of clear nail polish and insta-seal! No more rub off and mystery brushes!
Okay, back to the grind before I lose the yob that supports this habit!

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