Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Designer Skin!

Have you ever strolled the designer beauty section at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus and ran across the skin guru N.V. Perricone, M.D. Cosmeticuticals brand? Well I have, and every time I read those nondescript, no nonsense boxes with the skin hopes and dreams of all women every where etched into each label, "I think oooohhh, maybe I'll give this stuff a try!" and then literally yelp aloud when I see the price tag.

Today, my life has changed. As I nonchalantly strolled the beauty section of Nordstrom Rack I ran smack into a display of Perricone products! I couldn't contain myself, I picked up every package and eagerly read the promises they held then greedily stocked my arms. At one point, one sweet Australian (at least I think she was) lady came up to me and told me that, "The Active Tinted Moisturizer in 01 (I had the last two boxes in my "Holy mother ship, that's a steal! Death Grip") was much much too light. It would be better to get the 02 (there were none on the shelves). That's what I usually get." I thought to myself, "Yeah right lady. As soon as I put these two pups down, you're gonna swipe them! Sucks for you toots!" I politely gave her my best Don't-Eff-With-Me-While-I'm-Bargain-Shopping smile then continued to unabashedly horde more items.

This product is being sold at $22.97 vs. $65.00 retail!

I know, holy crap, huh!? It gets better...

I also picked up the Ceramic Skin Smoother Finishing Serum. This facial skin primer is similar to Smashbox's Photo Finish and promises to provide a smooth, velvety finish for pre make-up application with long lasting results.

I swooped up this gem at $25.97 vs. $75.00 retail!

Next on the list was the Advanced Eye Area Therapy Protect and Restore. I can't wait to try this product, I have been using DERMAdoctor's Wrinkle Revenge Rescue and Protect Eye Balm. So far, the results have been magnificent, but

I couldn't pass up the deal of paying $32.97 vs. $95.00 retail!

There were other products available, like the Eye Area Contour ($40-something vs. $195.00 retail), Facial Contour ($60-something vs. $240.00 retail), Solar Protection Body with DMAE ($15.97 vs. $48.00 retail), and countless other products I couldn't fit into my just made up beauty budget but the stock was dwindling fast! My total came out to about $113 for the above pictured products! That's the retail cost of the one eye product alone! Was this a Deal and Steal? Hell yes! Go, go, go. What are you still reading this blog for?? GO!

Update 08.22: Alright, so here's the dilemma...I absolutely LOVE the Active Tinted Moisturizer...but now I'm worried because if I become addicted to these products and since Nordstrom Rack's stock is never ever the same, what am I to do when I run out?!

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