Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a good find always brings me back

hi all...

i'm back with a brand new my shoe collection.

found these sick pups...

$24.99 @ Ross vs. $155+ retail
*currently $82.91 at!

$24.99 is a great find for a boot, for genuine leather shoes, and for Dolce Vita. Put all those together in one shoe and $24.99 is an amazing find! They also come in black and a camel color, but I personally think that this color makes the shoe. You know how certain colors bring out the best in things...well, this reddish brown color I think fits this boot the best. I am loving the hybrid of boot clog, it's perfect for the upcoming winter season and that's the other awesome part about this find. Usually, deals like this are found in out of season apparel, but I definitely lucked out in the timing of scoring these little puppies!

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