Thursday, June 2, 2011


now that the weather is warming up i am obsessed with anything "boyfriend" again. boyfriend jeans, shorts, blazers, shirts, watches. basically anything that looks masculine, i have to have it for my summer wardrobe.

no one does boyfriend better than rachel bilson...i wonder how much of her gear is really hayden's?

i have recently found a slew of "boyfriend" shorts from last spring's boyfriend craze:

$66.00 vs $14.99 at Ross

hurley '51 Boyfriend
$58.00 vs. $10.00 at Marshall's

$69.50 vs. $15.00 at Marshall's

(insert pic here)
New York & Company Boyfriend
$0.00 vs. $7.99 at Marshall's

boyfriend shorts are definitely more my style now that i am getting older. i just can't even imagine pulling on a pair of daisy dukes anymore. it would be ridiculous. my favorite pairing so far, is the boyfriend shorts with a collared shirt and some some preppy loafers. now if only aldo would bring back those cute leather penny loafers!

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