Sunday, March 27, 2011



as an update to this blog post. i received my impeccable brow pencil in the mail the other day. i have tried it a total of two times. so far, i am liking it. both times, i applied the product quickly just so i could get out the door looking decent. the application was easy enough. the product didn't pay off too much or not enough. the result looked natural, not too obvious or overdone. i didn't have to clean up or blend out after applying it, so i liked that alot. the only thing i don't like about it as of now, is that it is a manual sharpening pencil. which to me means product being wasted every time i sharpen it. as i try it more and have more time with it, i will update with how i feel about it. so far it's working though. {update} 03.30.2011 ok, seriously, i don't know why i was being so overly dramatic about this but i have major control issues with my eyebrows; how i groom them, and how they ultimately look when i walk out the door. i can say with absolute certainty that the only time my brows have EVER been touched by another person was when my aunt cleaned mine for me when i was about 14. that is about years and years of one on one time between me and my brows. anyway, i am very picky about the products i use for my brows. as i was using this pencil this week i realized something. the forumula is EXACTLY the same as the brow finisher! they just made a pencil out of it! one thing i like about it is that with a finer point, i can get more detailed with my application and my brows are truly impeccable. the con of this applicator though is that it is not self-propelling. i guess if they revamped it one more time and made the applicator like the "eye brows" self-propelling, self-sharpening it'd be even more perfect!
MAC Eye Brows

i think that the description is a bit off though. i don't think that the product is creamy at all, i would say it's more waxy, just like the brow finisher formula. so in that case, i love this product even more. now, please, just don't go away.

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