Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loehmann's, Grand Opening!

Did anyone make it to the grand opening of Loehmann's??? Poor me, I was sicky, so I didn't make it, but I did stop by this past Monday en route to Marshall's from Nordstrom Rack. This one's a biggun! Since it took over an old Bed, Bath, and Beyond (or was it Linens and Things?) I think it has to be the largest one we have in OC now and of course being all shiney and new, there was alot of ooohing and aaahing on my part. I used to shop more at Loehmann's when I had a jay oh bee but not so much now. I would say their prices are a bit higher than Nordstrom Rack but they do have the goods to back up the prices. Plus, they have a much better shoe department so the preshies don't get abused as much. It's sure fun to window shop though!

Oh, and beware, they have this odd circular curtain dressing room thingy in the middle of the store that kind of resembles three oversized mosquito nets. It was quite amusing to watch people find their way in and out of them. Thank goodness, they have traditional dressing rooms as well!

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