Saturday, February 20, 2010


So here's a little of what I got for my birthday. Lippy from one of the sisters, F21 cards from my little girl and another sister, and L.A.M.B from my auntie. My family knows me so well it's actually kinda scary.

Red lipstick for Spring. Check. Its such a calm brownish red too. I am glad I didn't go out and get the Russian Red or Ruby Woo for myself. This red is more me.

I was in the market for a small brown purse too! My family was good to me this birthday! Yay for family!

We ate at one of my favorite sushi spots, RA (though I only ate tofu and veggie tempura) at The District in Tustin. I seriously chose this place based solely on the birthday dessert they give you. It's tempura coated vanilla ice-cream (think fried ice cream japanese style) dusted with cinnamon and drenched in chocolate and rasberry sauces. They brought out only one dish and all 17 of my guests devoured the one plate! It was that good! Then we went Rockin' Bowling, I completely sucked. 45 in 10 frames. Yeesh. I also tried Dance Revolution for the first time ever too. I sucked at this as well. But it was all in good fun. I had zee best time with my familia.

P.S. The hubs and I made a pact for no bday gifts until after the taxes have been filed. Why? Well, while I have been collecting fashion related items he's been collecting pricey traffic tickets. Needless to say, we needs to calm down on the spending stat!

P.S.S Forever21 Haul to follow...

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