Saturday, February 20, 2010

Forever 21 Haul

Since my last few hauls was pretty much me stocking up on Fall items due to the awesome prices, I just had to make my birthday haul a preparation for Spring looks.

These first few items I got at the F21 2-story in Anaheim. I only got a few items there because I didn't find much that I liked and knew I had a Shopping Bag started online already. ;p

Side Note: Don't go to that one on a Saturday unless you like waiting in long lines! I am talking dressing rooms AND registers!

Cute little red leather braided belt.
I don't have a red belt and braided belts look so cute in the Spring/Summer.
Instant must-have.

I would wear this cloth belt with a washed out denim shirt. If I had one.

Romantic little bandeau type bra.
I actually got this the other day but just found the matching panties today.
I wore the bra under a sheer white collared shirt that I cinched with a tan belt.
Which reminds me, I did shop the other day but can't find pics of the items on the website.
I am too lazy to take pics right now, but I must because I found the cutest tie-dyed maxi dress.

Now for the online portion...

I actually saw this cute tunic for the first time the other day at school before knowing it was from F21. The girl wearing it looked so cute, I did a literal double take on her.
She must've thought I was crazy but she looked so adorable I couldn't stop checking her out!
When I logged onto F21, I was so excited when I saw it there on the New Arrivals!
I just love the color scheme of it so I put it right in my Shopping Bag.
The best part is the back detailing...

It's a t-back with the entire zipper exposed.
So cute and different! I just hope that it doesn't lay awkward.

I just adore this chunky ring and all of it's crazy textures. It also comes in gold, but I am not a big fan of gold. Plus my wedding/engagement band is white gold so I rarely wear any gold jewelry due to the clash factor.

Another item I was drawn to simply for the color scheme. It's a light weight scarf, so wearing it on cool Spring or Summer nights with a simple white v-neck will be just perfect.

Yet another pair of F21 jeans. I am so glad they are better on the fit now. Back in the day, I used to throw away so much money on designer jeans that now sit unworn in my closet. After I had my little one and was in the process of losing the baby weight, I decided to give F21 jeans a shot as I transitioned back to my normal weight. I have lost the weight but not the jeans! I keep coming back for more. I have wanted these for a while but every time I stop in the stores, they are out in my size. I like the length of it, not too much bunching at the ankles.

This might be a bit TMI, but I thought this bra was so girly-cute.
I like how it's so frilly and dainty.
There are just some days I prefer not to wear any wires.
You know what those days are...

A lace top for Spring and Summer.
I most likely will pair this with some cut offs or bleached out jeans.

Another one, just because it's so romantic looking.

I thought these earrings were just too cute to pass up. I like it's simplicity.

My guilt-free damage...

Luckily I still remembered the ilovef21 code! Another yay for family supporting my addiction! xoxo

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