Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shoe Organization

So I was looking through my iPhotos and came across this pic. I realized I never used it for the post I intended regarding shoe organization. I got this idea from countless celebrities during "MTV Cribs" episodes.

Instead of photos or Polaroids in front of each box I have sort of a shoe album for easier visibility of what I have. I like this method of storing shoes because my closet is your standard closet, not a walk-in so space is very limited. I also like using same size boxes because it stacks much neater and appeases the OCD part of me. ;P Of course for certain brands I keep the box because they're so cute themselves. I will keep an original box if the shoe can't fit too.

Also, I simply loathe, detest, despise, cannot stand it when I walk into a closet and smell feet. UGH. It just grosses me out and triggers the gag reflex. So inside the Tupperware boxes I also keep the "Do Not Eat" silica packets to keep moisture out and a slip of dryer sheet so that things stay as fresh as possible.

To maximize space, I switch out seasonal shoes by storing out of season shoes on the top shelf of my closet while the in season shoes are stacked like so for easy access. I buy these containers for $1/ea. from places like the DollarTree, 99 cent store, or WalMart will sell it sometimes in a bundle.

So there's a glimpse of how I organize my too little closet and fit all my treasures in. I hope this gives any OCD fashion fiends out there some ideas!

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