Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have issues.

So here's my problem. I cannot say "no" to a deal. But seriously? This is my last haul until the groundhog dude pops his head up and declares it's Spring. I guess this is what happens when you put your wallet on lockdown for months. You freak out and in a bad way. Oh, well. What can you do once you've clicked that bittersweet CHECKOUT button?

Collateral Damage Exhibits...

Recognize this? Yes, I bought it again, in navy. I never thought I'd ever like black on navy but I was experimenting with outfits and I am surprised to see that I do.

I like this knit sweater cami for layering.
It's got a little floral feminine detailing at the neckline.

I love this shade of plumy purple.

And hey! Look! It's a print! I think this top might add a little spice for the office looks.

I thought this sweater was so fun and 80s looking. I had to get it. I should've bought the little leather mini to go with it and do it right!

This trench reminded me of Samantha from Sex and the City.
I had to get it for the little SATC kitten in me. Rawr!

A cute cardigan in my favorite shade of purple! I am soooooo predictable! ::SIGH::

Here's another favorite color for me in the Winter. I love this jewel toned teal. I also liked that the sleeves are more tapered on the forearm while loose elsewhere...

and how billowy it is in the back.

I like this vest for layering with a casual tee and some skinnies, but I am not so sure if I would wear the attached belt with it. Maybe on the tee.
Maybe not. Not sure until I can play around with it more.

The real damage...

I think I threw up a little.

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