Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Still Winter For Me!

I know that the fashion world is already celebrating the upcoming arrival of Spring, but not me...I am still looking around for items that I have wanted in the past season but just couldn't get. So when I clicked onto and saw this banner...

I heard that chirpy little "YIPPEE!" trilling in the back of my head where my fashion demon has burrowed a little cave. So I gave in to her and looked through the ankle boots for this boot that I have been coveting...

(click to enlarge)

And they have my size! Should I or shouldn't I?! I know I swore off heels, but I am starting to think wearing flats is throwing off my proportions. Or is that just me? Ugh, I am trying so hard to break out of this suffocating commercial mold working in a corporate environment has sucked me into, if only I didn't let $ get in the way of my creativity.

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