Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Target Steals!

Not to be outdone by my friend Lola with finding beauty deals. I stopped by Le Target this weekend and spotted some great steals myself! It looks like my local Target just put out the red tagged items because there were basketfuls and nothing looked picked over yet. First thing I spotted was the L'Oreal HiP Cream Shadow Paint. I have been wanting to do a comparison review between this product and MAC's Paints in the similar tube packaging so I picked up "Witty".

Side Note: The color on the packaging is a bit misleading because to me it looked like a mauve-y pink bronze, but it came out of the tube a rich peachy-gold.

$10.99 Retail
Target Clearance Price $2.74 (75% off!)

(MAC Goldmine not Goldmind - doh!)

With the test swatch, I applied MAC's Goldmine on my clean hand vs. HiP Witty. As you can see, the paint helped the Goldmine become much more vibrant and densely packed. At the bottom right of the pre-painted swatch you can see the color of Witty peeking. I will do a much more detailed product comparison with MAC's Paint in the upcoming week to see if it can stand up against MAC's infamous staying power.

Next I found this...

$10.49 Retail
Target Clearance Price $2.62 (75% off!)

When I applied this product to my hand, I could feel that the formula had some substance and a stay put element to it. Which is funny because it is described as a "Light-Translucent Coverage". It didn't feel like a sheer formula at all. Much heavier coverage for sure. I snagged two bottles of this stuff to cycle out my older foundations in my office back up make up supply. I have been on a mission to replenish it because most products are waaaay past its expiration date! I am not sure when I will actually use it, so don't be surprised if this product doesn't have a review or comparison right away! Oh and I thought I picked up a light and dark shade (As you know, I like to custom blend my foundations) but I was a tard and didn't double check the box contents because the hubs was annoyed with me so I ended up with two bottles of the lighter shade. Booo! He should really not come on anymore missions with me!

In addition to these items there were tons of Physician's Formula, Maybelline, and other products with the darling little red tag attached to it. Although not all Target's have the same clearance cycles, you might want to just run into yours ASAP since it is the beginning of the month!

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