Saturday, September 13, 2008

OCBB on Hiatus!

Sorry for the lag on posts gals! I have good reason! This past Thursday, the Hubs and I celebrated our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary! Yay for us! We spent two days and one night in the beautiful city of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island. It was so serene there! I haven't been in a town that moved at such a slow pace in a really long time. It was nice to be away from the buzz of Orange County and to relax in a beautiful small beach front city. It was gawgeous dahlin!

I loved the hotel we stayed at, Pavilion Lodge, it had very contemporary decor. The color palette is a cool green and blue combo to elicit a very tranquil environment and it worked. My favorite part? Complimentary Continental Breakfast! Your girl, LOVES to eat! And croissants? Tres magnifique! Love them! The whole experience was just loverly! We had a blast! The ONE thing I highly recommend is for everyone to stop at Lloyd's of Avalon Confectionary and get one of their candied apples! OMG! To die for! Only one slight mishap...when Dramamine says to take a dose 30mins to 1 hour prior to activity, ya do it! Yours truly, took it 30 mins into the ride, and the results, not too thrilling. We definitely will be back soon, we are going to bring le bebe with us next time because we missed her terribly! Good to be back though, back to work! 

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