Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nordstrom Rack Finds!

So by 2:00pm today I needed a huge dose of retail therapy to deal with the current office dramz. Luckily I work only down the street from my local Nordstrom Rack. I decided this was the place to cure me of my corporate blues. Once there I found that there are still some straggler DuWop, Stila, and Perricone products from my previous posts but I was excited to see that there were some new products as well. There was an abundance of single eyeshadow pots from Smashbox for $6.97 vs. $16.00 retail. I dug through the whole lot and noted the following shades:

Still (Matte)
Greenroom (Soft Sparkle)
Frame (Matte)
Etch (Matte)
Midnight Black (Shimmer)

Optic (Shimmer)
Digital (Matte)

Baby Pink (Shimmer)
Credit (Matte)
Scan (Matte)

Take II (Soft Sparkle)

Ingenue (Shimmer)

Then there was a few palettes of Too Faced The New Romantic Make-up Collection - Unicorn.

Eye Shadows in Mossy Brown, Cinnamon Cocoa, and Peach Fairy Wine
Glosses in Princess Pink, Apricot Sunset, and Pixie Dust Plum
Blush in Cupid Pink
Includes dual sided eyeshadow/lip brush and mirror 

$10.97 at Nordstrom Rack

At first glance, the colors look strikingly similar to MAC eyeshadows (in the same order) Club, Twinks, and Ricepaper. I will do a much more in depth review and comparison of this palette and the dupe MAC eyeshadows very soon. So KIT!

P.S. I also stopped by my local CCS and nothing new to report there! Booooooo!

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