Monday, September 1, 2008

DIY Palette Remix!

So I got a bug up me arse the other day and decided to clean up my make up stash. I pulled out some eyeshadow and blush palettes I received as a part of the Ulta Color Blockbuster in 2005 or 2006. I was going to trash them because since I removed them from their original train case to store other goods, they kinda got pushed to the non-premium make up train case. Once there, I decided to trim the flimsy plastic palette trays so that they would fit better and instead they have gotten completely messy due to over exposure to the everyday tussle I put them through. They also have huge gouges in them since there's really no way to protect them. Anyway, they sat on my nightstand for a couple of weeks, pleading to me because they knew they were on the verge of being trashed. And of course I procrastinated because I couldn't reason with throwing away perfectly good products. Enter my creative side. Sorry for no "before" photos. I was on a mean mission before I realized I should have taken some.

I carefully popped out the eyeshadow pans and with the tacky glue still intact, I placed them in a blank CD jewel case. Of course, these jewel cases come in tons of colors now, so you can customize it with your own personal style using different colors. You can also place your favorite stickers or print out some graphics and photos to personalize your cases even more. Heck you can even bling it out with some of those mobile photo rhinestones! All I had around were old clear empty cases, but you get the point! I also thought about creating a menu, but these Ulta shadows had no names or numbers, so eh, what would've been the point??

Here's what the old empty trays look like...

Next were the blushes... Wonder why I only have two pans??

Because your dorkness was in a big ole rush and made a couple of boo boos...

The blush pans were bigger and weren't as stable as the eyeshadow pans. They were also glued in better so they bent when I put too much pressure on them. They literally caved under the pressure! Poop!

So there you are! This nifty little DIY idea saved me from trashing some great shadows. These new "palettes" are now going into my office back up make up kits! Ew, speaking of work... The wonderful three day weekend is officially O-V-E-R, ovah! Hopefully you all had a fantabulous Labor Day!

P.S. And I thought I was so super duper smart and came up with this idea all on my own, but of course, some people on youtube have come up with it already! HA HA! So click here, to watch EnKore in action! You really can find everything on youtube!

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