Friday, August 22, 2008

MAC Haul! (actually just a "tug")

So I went back to CCS and attempted to pick up what I blogged about earlier. I forewarned, the Smoke Signals: Gentle Fumes quad I wanted was already sold out! :( I was so heartbroken. But I did pick up the FAFI Belightful Illuminating Powder and the Matte2 Handwritten eyeshadow, then found a replacement item for the quad;

The Royal Assets: Smokey Eyes

{LtoR,TtoB} Maid of Honor (S), Rondelle (F), Palatial (S), Courtley Grey (M), Majestic (L), Knight (VP), 215SE Brush, and the best mirror I think so far in a palette compact

$25.25 @ CCS vs. $36.00 retail

I've had my eyes on this pretty little palette for a while, and not because of the gorgeous packaging either! I don't know why I just decided to get it now. To heal the gaping hole left by the other quad? Yes, but the more realistic (and sane reason) is because I have been so lazy lately that I have been doing my morning make up routine in the car and at my desk more frequently than ever. SOOOO, it has been tons easier to pack a small palette than lug around my pro palettes or a gazillion pots and risk breaking or losing anything. Can you imagine the horror!? My bag of MAC empties was stolen from my car and that in itself was traumatizing!

Oh, and as I was multi-tasking, as most mommies attempt to do 24/7, I picked up my tods and had my bag of goods in my hands at the same time. Well one of my precious cargos crashed to the floor! Don't you just HATE when you drop your products!? UGH! I feel like it happens in super intense slow motion and I don't breath until I open the package and all is good again as it was in this case, phew! P.S. I loved my husband's response: "Just take it back!" Men!

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