Saturday, April 9, 2011

i couldn't resist!

famous last words. i cannot seem to resist a great deal. no matter how hard i try! i read a really interesting article on talking about people being addicted to bargains. that is so me.

i went to visit family out in menifee again and guess where we ended up? yup. treasure hunting at ross again! i know i've said over and over that i hate ross, but i must amend this statement to say that i hate ross stores where i live. everything is always picked over here at home but in riverside county there are still tons of treasure to be sought!

ok, ok enough of the chit chat. here's the loot:

$20.99 vs. $169.00

this was insane enough of a deal without the fact that my sister had just told me a couple weeks ago that she had been wanting a pair of paige jeans, but couldn't afford them. lo and behold, i walk into ross this weekend and here they are, marked all the way down to $20.99! i was so excited, i bought 4 pairs, 3 in this light wash (one for the sis and two for me) and then another for me in this darker wash...

next, we found ourselves in the purse section and i was really drawn to the pattern on this "fanny pack". i don't care what chic name they call it these days. it is what it is. a fanny pack. i have wanted this type of bag for a while since having my two little monsters. hands free! it will make my life that much simpler!

$9.99 vs $49.00

at first when i saw this next item, i was bummed there was only one pair left and it was a size 8.5. i normally wear a 7-7.5 but i never shop exclusively in those aisles as shoes tend to migrate to different aisles. the leather of these flats were so buttery and inviting, i had to slip them on. funny thing, they actually fit! mine!

$29.99 vs. $105.00

this next shoe i was very very unsure about. i love how they look, but i was unsure if a. i'd ever wear them and b. if i could pull it off. the colors remind me more of fall, but i can see them paired with denim cut-offs or cuffed skinnies in the spring/summer and a simple white v-neck tee. i thought about it for the entire shopping trip, trying them on again and again. i decided to get them in the end, if not just for the deal. i. am. so. bad.

$19.99 vs. $169.95

this shop trip was definitely one for the books. tons of savings and tons of quality treasures at super low prices!! gotta love it. thanks temecula! i'll definitely be coming back real soon!

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