Sunday, March 27, 2011

what goes around, comes around

they're back, and just in time for spring/summer...

what am i talking about? not kris and kourt. no, two different trends...midriffs and 70s style denim flares. i have always held a spot in my heart for flares, i just love them. they always come through and make my legs look much longer than they are, paired with the right heels, of course. i can't say the same for midriffs. i kind of forgot about those as i left them in the past along with my abs and other fashion regrets.

my style in the summer is very free people-esque. relaxed bohemian. for me, the perfect summer flare is a lighter wash, paired with a breezy white top, cloggy wooden heels, and flowy wind-tossed hair. something quite similar to this...

what's out there now...


of course, all the great denim is at a price i cannot pretend to afford, so i scour my usual haunts for a decent look-alike. lucky me, i am a tenacious shopper and found the perfect flare. i have been searching online and cannot seem to find a picture of it. it's by martin + osa and it's the ideal flare. perfect wash, perfect fit. just perfect for $10.00! update: i found an ebayer selling the exact pair! personally, i don't think amateur photos do them justice.

midriffs by free people

this is how i'd wear midriffs these days. paired with a high waisted bottom or with a wide belt. sadly, my ab baring days are over for now. so i have to find pieces that meet me right at the bottom hem. otherwise, things could get ugly.

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