Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Almost Been a Year!?

Wow. So many things have happened in that time too...found out I was pregnant, had the baby, graduated, got a job. It was madness for a while! Things have finally calmed down some so I thought I'd use my free time to start up this blog again. And, of course, with work comes stress and with stress comes retail therapy!

But I have to start off by telling you about my weird OCD shopping routine. This habit came about due to being laid off and having a drastically smaller allowance to spend frivolously. Because of all this I have become a major bargain shopper. Major. Like obsessive, with rules and all. It all started with Christmas shopping. I felt guilty that I couldn't buy gifts like I used to so instead of limiting the amount of people I bought for, I decided to stick to a maximum amount per person. So if I found something that amount or lower, I'd get it. If it were more, I'd pass. It soon became a challenge to find the best deal that do not compromising the quality of the gift. I was successful, but after Christmas came Black Friday. And my addiction to bargains was born. I found treasures for next to nothing, like Diesel slacks for $7.00 nothing. Since finding that deal, I have lowered the price to $10.00 for clothes and $30.00 for shoes. I have successfully kept to my rules, finding designer pants for as low as $3.00! Many of these items are still waiting to be worn because I am still trying to get back to my pre-baby weight. So if I get the chance, I will post pics as I get to wear them.

Fast-forward to this weekend and we are in the midst of a shop frenzy! I am not the biggest fan of Ross because the ones in my area are usually shot out in their inventory. You have to know the new shipment schedule in order to score any real deals and I don't have the time to do that, so I usually just skip Ross altogether. Well, I went to Riverside County over the weekend and decided to check out the Ross there. $100+ later I walked out with 5 pairs of super cute shoes for the price of one!

I love wearing wooden heels in the Spring and Summer. It just feels so right, so imagine my delight when I saw these lovelies...

update: $69.95 vs. $148.00 @

Steve Madden Averry in Black Leather
$24.95 vs. $109.95 Retail

Not so much Spring or Summer but too good of a deal to resist!

$24.99 vs. $149.99 Retail

And, of course, nude shoes are the new must-have in any warddrobe.

$22.99 vs. $79.95 Retail

So, yes, I did go a bit crazy. But seriously, who wouldn't?

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