Monday, March 15, 2010

you stink something pretty

Sometimes, when I hear people say, "Oh, that's my signature scent..." I wonder why I have such commitment issues with perfume? I mean, I have a signature scent family I guess you could say. I prefer vanilla notes somewhere in the formulation but do I have one particular perfume that I stick with? Not really.

I would say I have a decent perfume collection and changing preferences for the seasons. For example, I like wearing L by L.A.M.B, Juicy Couture, or Ralph Lauren's Blue in the Summer. For Fall I usually reach for my Vera Wang Princess. I love musky scents like Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle or Armani's Sensi for Winter. And in Spring, I like sweet, sugary scents like G in the Harajuku line or Stila's Creme Bouquet.

Where am I going with this? Oh yeah, day, I walked into my sister's house and smelled this wonderful combination of fruits, sweets, florals, and musk and tracked it down right to my Aunt L's neck! She thought I was a freak, but I couldn't keep my nose off her! She told me the name and I seriously tracked it down for months and one day I found it at Marshall's...

exotic licorice and vanilla combined with light greens, floral and musk
$19.99 vs. $38.99 Retail

I think I have not stopped wearing it since, regardless of the season we're in! When I was at Marshall's today, I was very excited to see L by Lolita. It's pretty similiar to the original scent in that they both contain vanilla and musk, but for me L smells a bit more Summer whereas the original has a more Springy scent.

bitter orange, cinnamon, immortal flower, vanilla, solar notes and musk
$24.99 vs. $29.49 Retail

They had two different options for the same price. There was one that had a 1.7oz with a Summery charm bracelet or a set with a 1.7oz with a body lotion and shower gel. I chose the latter because I wanted something extra I could throw in my purse. I literally cannot stop smelling myself! I LOVE this scent! It may become, dare I say it, my signature!! Am I the only perfume neurotic here? Does anyone have a polygamus relationship with scents or are you a one scent kinda girl?

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