Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i just couldn't take it anymore.

My sister V and I have very different shopping styles. You all know me to be the type to hold out for an awesome deal. Well, my sister, if she wants it, she'll get it. She doesn't want to wait. So knowing that and since I have not purchased anything cosmetics related in SEVERAL months should have deterred me from agreeing to going with her to Sephora but did I listen to my instinct? No. Why? Because the part of me that also likes instant gratification made me go.

My sister was in the market for a good, full-coverage, natural, flawless looking foundation. Now, that's a tall order to fill but I knew the foundation that could handle it. The much raved about (3,775 reviews on sephora.com and counting!) Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. So I told her about it, she researched a few blogs and youtube videos and decided that it was something she wanted to try out.

So during our 2 hour break after our morning class exam today, we decided to head on over to the Brea Mall. Big mistake, big, big mistake. I have been on the search for a good neutral shade of lipstick. So far, everything I have tried has turned out too orange or pink on me. I am sure it's my yellow undertones but the counter ladies always want to prove me wrong. I really wanted to try Sephora's line because it's fairly inexpensive but the quality is good.

In my own little world, I selected a color I thought looked to be promising and that is when she pounced. The Benefit lady! She wanted me to tell her my cosmetic woes about finding that HG neutral, but I didn't want to engage with her because I was set on what I had chosen. However, my sister was no where near picking out her shade, so I though I'd be nice. Within 5 seconds flat the lady had whipped out 3 products. (I am sure it's a part of the rules.) She had me sit down in a cute little make-up chair while she did her magic.

I am such a sucker.

At first I was very afraid of the amount she was slathering on, but she assured me that this product is not your typical throbbing, warming plumper. It is more of a primer or concealer for your lips. It neutralizes your natural lip tone so that the lip color stays truer to what's in the tube. Me likes that idea lots! I noticed that it does help with the my usual trouble with lipsticks being inconsistent with pigmentation, especially within the cracks. One of the reasons I don't wear lipstick on a daily basis. This primer made the lipstick color bold and rich.

Benefit Automatic Lipliner Duo in Nudist Colony - $20.00

Next she tried this lip liner which she promised would blend seamlessly without smudging and could work with any neutral lip color. One end has a lip brush for convenience. Since she was doing all the work, I can't really say yet if it is as blendable as she promises but I do love the color!

Benefit Full-Finish Lipstick in La La Land - $18.00

The swatch on here isn't really true to the color. I would say that in person, it's more on the mauve side than pictured. I do like the finish, it's a not too out of control shine. In the end she didn't push me into anything, which I liked, but I ended up getting all three products anyway. So I have to admit, I got worked.

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