Thursday, February 11, 2010


The good: packages one and two arrived on the same day though they were ordered 3 days apart.

The bad: I am not returning a single thing.

My favorite of both hauls was so hard to choose. Everything fit so well and looked so cute but if I had to choose, my favorite is the silk navy blue dress. It fits like a dream, so flattering. I am thinking I should have gotten the medium though. The bottom is a bit snug. I got two raised eyebrows from the hubs.

Excuse the crap images. Taken by Blackberry.

Wouldn't this look cute with the L.A.M.B booties? My second favorite item was the navy blue military inspired coat. It fit like it was tailored for my body. The wool is good, thick quality. The only thing is I could've sworn that there was red detailing on the collar, but my coat does not have any such detailing. Hmmm. Weird. Still love it though!

Actually, I really liked all of my purchases. There is not a single item that I thought that it looked better on the website than in person and on my frame. Maybe the skirts are a bit shorter than appropriate for work, but I still think they're super cute. I am surprised about not liking something. Even shopping in the store some items will look better on the hanger and then morph into something hideous as soon as it slips onto my body. I shouldn't speak too soon though, I have one more shipment coming...

p.s. i will try and post more pics of outfits as i wear them...

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