Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ultimate Traincase!

So I was casually thumbing through the lastest Sears Holiday catalog and my thumbs did a screeching halt on the page containing this...

The Original Pink Box

$89.99 @ Sears vs. $99.00 Retail

O-M-G! Where have I been!? This adorable little "tool box" has been around for ages apparently and I have never seen it before tonight. I am in LOVE. If you guys have the "been there, done that" tude with this box, please please forgive me for so being behind the times but I cannot get over how cute this is. My sister just bought me a MAC train case I have been eyeing for months now, so my desire has been satiated but boy, er girl, is this tempting!! Talk about sturdy too! I mean, it won't be the best for travel (metal detector and all) but it sure does make an awesome weapon. Just try and steal this from me!

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