Monday, November 10, 2008

Facial Alternatives - Home Remedy!

I have heard of this money saving facial scrub/mask home remedy method before but have never attempted it myself until I saw one of my favorite beauty youtubers talking about it recently. So during my recent trip to the DollarTree for some arts and crafts supplies, I ran into this bottle of generic Aspirin and a tablet cutter. For a dollar each, I thought I'd pick them up and give it a try myself. I've read that this method is extremely beneficial for those with problem skin, such as acne, *raises hand* since Aspirin is a form of Salicylic Acid. As you all know, Salicylic Acid is commonly used for acne treatment and is a great exfoliator. You can read more of this method at Skin Care Resource Center or simply by Googling "Aspirin Facial". Of course, you can add other beneficial ingredients such as Olive Oil, Honey, or Milk instead of plain bottled water which is what I decided to use for my first time. Why bottled water? Well, in the area I live my tap water is extremely cloudy. So I figured what minerals contained in the tap water would interfere with the chemistry of the Aspirin Facial. I know, that's weird, but humor me okay? ;p 

The tablet cutter is not a necessary tool, but it was right next to the Aspirins and it was only a dollar, so what the hey?! I couldn't tell nor was it indicated on the bottle if these Aspirins were coated but it didn't seem so as they crumbled in the cutter. Uncoated Aspirin is what is suggested. I used about 5 tablets here.

The only thing I had by me was a bottle cap, so I just improvised and used that to grind the tablets to a powder form.

Next I added the water. The powder didn't dissolve completely, but remained a bit grainy.

I over watered so it was not really a paste, but it was enough and I was too lazy to grind up more. ;p I rubbed the goop on my face and exfoliated as I would normally. The grains were a bit bigger than I thought, so I had to be super gentle. Then I let it sit as I prepared for a shower. Once I rinsed it off, I was anxious to feel baby butt smooth skin but it wasn't quite so. My skin didn't feel much different than it did before I started. Also, there seemed to be a sticky film left behind. I suspect that maybe the Aspirin was coated after all or maybe it was too watered down. I am going to attempt this for about a week and will update you with my findings if things change. Either way, I'll fill you in on my experience. If you try it, let me know how it works out for you or what you did differently to get better results! 

Until then you can watch Julia aka MissChievous explaining how she does it. P.S. Look at the size of those Canadian Aspirins! Double Gulp!


Crazy About Makeup said...

wow! I'm going to try this now, sounds like it works and just what I need too, my skin is all dried out because I have been on 3 aeroplanes in 10 days.

debeauty blogger said...

Wow, three planes in 10 days? Sounds like a super busy schedule and fun too! Tell me what you think of the facial once you've tried it. I am still experimenting myself, trying different methods. Good luck and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Crazy About Makeup said...

Yes I went on holiday to Madrid and Barcelona so had quite a bit of flying about to do was fun though we wanted to see quite a few places.

I did try the facial yesterday and it works! I got one tablet and dissolved it in my hand and rubbed it on the back of my hand to see how rough it was first.
Then I got 2 tablets in my hand in the shower and they just dissolved into a grainy paste, like MissCheivious says, although I didn't add any gel. Rubbed lightly on my face for about a minute then left it on for a little while. Then washed off.

The only thing that worries me is that if the grains are small enough they will be absorbed into the bloodstream?

This isn't recommended for people who have blood problems or people with allergies to aspirin.

My skin is so soft though, like a babys bum. Im going to try a salt scrub next time though....