Friday, October 3, 2008

Nordstrom Rack / Marshall's Finds!

I scored tonight at Marshall's again. Tis my dearest friend Lola's birthday tomorrow and since she loved the lip gloss I gave her so much, I thought I'd surprise her with some more goodies. Once again, I ran into a heavily restocked supply of Lola Cosmetics. Yay for me, nay for my wallet! This time, I got lucky and scored the Lola Go Lightly II for $7.99 vs. $40.00 retail! Oh man, does this little package pack a mean face artillery! My whole back up office make up bag can be completely redone with this nifty little kit alone! The hues are so useable for everyday looks, you can't go wrong. I got so excited, I literally giggled hysterically. Luckily, my sister was the only one to witness the craziness. I can not wait to try this out! At first glance, the brushes seem almost like a practical joke, like the make up mavens at Lola really intend them for actual use...on human sized faces. I guess I could always MacGyver them somehow but like I said, I never really use the included brushes so its no biggie. No pun intended! Ha! With this kit and the last palette I purchased, I think I may have a complete mini Lola Cosmetics product line for only $15.00! Wowsers!

Then I remembered, I totally forgot to share the haulage from the Nordstrom Rack visit a few days back. I picked up the Stila Blanc palette, since I am a big neutrals fan. I also picked up a couple brushes to test them out with. For me, I can't form a proper opinion about a brand unless I use the product with the tools. I know, my neurosisness rears its ugly head with beauty products! LOL.

I will somehow remind myself to post a proper review/mugshot before you forget this post ever existed! Forgive me, but I have been super lazy and getting up at the last possible minute. There has not been any post worthy make up looks for the past couple of weeks. I get in these moods, so when I am back to the "Let's get up early to look pretty today." mode, you'll know. Until then, enjoy these pictures and if you want any more photos, do make a request!

Update 10.10.08: So I loved the Stila Blanc palette so much that I went back to NR and picked up one of the few remaining Stila Noire palettes! My bff Lola thinks I'm crazy for picking up all these quads and mini palettes lately but girl hardly ever wears make up M-F so she doesn't get the convenience of them just yet! I mean come on! Stila totally takes the guess work out of it by selecting the three most complementing (HR friendly) shades and throws in a blush for kicks! Perfect to toss in my purse for those mornings when I am barely running out the door in time for work! Shhh... don't tell Smashbox but the more I am exposed to Stila's shadows the more I seem to like them and they've become my second favorite brand making Smashbox the third wheel. I am so unfaithful! Pictures have been taken. I will post soon.

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