Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KFC Hands?!

Well, it's that time again. Winter = KFC Crispy Recipe hands for me. I am a paper pusher 40+ hours a week and that does a number on my hands. Add to that frequent hand washings due to the upcoming flu season and it's over. It's kind of unfair really. I have a super duper oily T Zone and everything else is insanely dry. My natural oil system is out of whack I tell ya! Some areas are sucking the oils out of others! Every season I am always on the search for the best product that is thick enough to moisturize my tempura hands but isn't a nuisance with regard to fragrance, greasy after effects, lasting power, etc. The best place for me to accomplish this task is the Travel Section of Target, Walmart or any drugstore that may carry trial and travel sized products. For me, this is better than paying full price for full sized products, hating it, then storing them until they rot so that I won't feel too bad for throwing out full bottles. Weird system, I know. Sometimes, I do give them out if I remember though! Every year I try brand after brand not quite ever finding the perfect moisturizer. It will either smell great and moisturize worth beans or stink and feel like I just rubbed lard all over my body.

This year I struck gold with my first purchase!

$6.49 Retail (13.5oz @ WalMart)

Now Nivea ain't no new kid on the block but many people pass it up on the shelves for the newer, brighter packaged lotions claiming great things. I was one of those people but not anymore. I found this 1oz tin in the Travel Section at Long's Drugs during one of my recent visits and picked up two. At $0.99 each, it doesn't seem like too bad a price for a try out. It got even better when they rung up at $0.79 each at the register. Hey, $0.20 IS a big deal these days! The tins they had at Long's had different designs and to be quite honest, that's what sold me. Some had the same decor as pictured above but some had cute hearts. I like the idea of the tin because it is much sturdier than a tube when lugged around in my purse all day. The cream itself is awesooooome! It is super thick and takes a bit to work it into your skin but the results are simply amazing. My hands and elbows have never been so soft and supple. Each application lasted between hand washings and I just LOVE the scent. It's very light and hard to describe but I am addicted to sniffing it. I am definitely going to quit my hunt for the perfect Winter moisturizer early this year and start stocking up on the full sized jars of this stuff! I highly recommend this cream so go get it!

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