Sunday, September 7, 2008

[More] Target Steals!

1.0 g $9.00 Retail
$2.12 at Target (75% off!)

So I went to a different Target to check out what I could find in the bargain bins and found a totally different stash. This other Target had tons more L'Oreal HiP products. I was pretty impressed with the paint, so I thought I'd pick up two of the crayons at 75% off, just so that I could do a more thorough investigation of this brand. ;p  It seems that the drugstore brands have gotten a bit more sophisticated since I entertained them last. Now, I am not saying that I think I am "too good" to use drugstore brands. I am by no means a brand snob. Perfect example? I am OBSESSED with NYX lip liners. I just LOVE the consistency of them. They are much creamier and easier to apply than most lip liners I've used and at $0.99, I probably have every color. No exaggeration! Anyway, I guess I just got so used to the quality of prestige brands such as NARS *swoon*, Smashbox *double swoon* MAC *triplequadruple swoon* for eyeshadows that it was kinda hard to turn back. However, since coming across these great deals, I figured it couldn't hurt. As soon as I got home, my sister and I did a quick test swatch of these crayons. WOW. They just glided on easily and once dried it didn't budge, smudge, or flinch when we screamed at it. Which can be a plus and a minus. Case in point; we applied a swatch of MAC Shadestick in Beige-ing (1.5 g $16.50 Retail) next to the HiP Attentive, MAC required a bit more pressure and tugged at the skin while HiP just glided on. We then applied a layer of MAC E/S over it. The E/S adhered to both swatches evenly. We then administered a smudge test by pulling a finger down the swatches. The MAC swatch was still sticky, smeared just a bit and there was residue on our finger tips. For the HiP swatch, it was completely dried, it didn't smear at all, and no evidence of it was on our fingertips. Neither swatches had a distinct odor. When it came to removing the product, MAC was wiped off with ease. HiP, however, required a bit more pressure and rubbing, which can be a negative and too abrasive for sensitive skin such as the area around the eyes. Both product has its pros and cons, but in my opinion, they are probably the closest in shadow stick formula. 

Update: 09/09/08 - So I finally applied the HiP Crayon to my lid as a base and the results were not too great. First, it glided on easily but was inconsistent with the coverage. It would apply well with one coat, but with another pass over, it took off color in some areas and built on in others. So that wasn't fun. Then when the product dried, my lid became really tight and almost itchy, as if all of the moisture was sucked out of my skin. Packing color on the HiP was fine, but don't bother with the blending or shading. The HiP won't allow it. If worn as a single color or as an eyeliner, I think you would like the results, but it won't be easy if you are planning on adding other colors to your look. But as always, this is just my opinion of the product and how it worked for me. Try it for yourself and tell me your thoughts!

$9.00 Retail
$1.98 @ Target (75% off!)

I thought about getting the glosses also, but they had a tad more sparkle than I like, so I left them in the bins. They are there for the taking!

Tomorrow, I am on assignment at another stakeout. I got wind that a well known chain of stores that sells department store seconds, returns, and overstock is recently carrying many reputable beauty products. I will debrief ASAP. 

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