Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CCS/MAC Update & Haul!

Repeat after me: "Hi, my name is                     and I'm a MAC-a-haulic."

So I stopped by the local CCS to see what was up in the MAC department and it seems not much has changed. I was hoping for a bigger FAFI stock, but no cigar. There are only a couple new items to report. 

Say, Haul-o to my little friends, Exhibit A:

The rundown...

First are the Lip Gelees ($10.00 vs. $14.00 retail), I picked up Moonstone. This color is so effin pretty! It is so subtle and has the prettiest pink sheen. Not too kiddie pink. I also picked up a Lip Glass Liner ($9.50 vs. $0.00) in Pink Edge. If you've never used this type of liner before let me tell you tis vunderfull! The consistency is so silky, it's like a tiny lipstick. You can totally rock it alone and people will never know that all you used was a liner! 

There were also Dual Edge Eye Pencil Liners ($11.75 vs. $16.50) in attendance. I grabbed a neutral brown/nude combo in Nighthawk/Front Row and a edgy black/tourqoise in Black Funk/Pop Blue. This is the first time I've ever been exposed to this product. It was a nice surprise to see the contrast in finishes as well as the color pairings. For example, the black/blue pencil I got is different in that the black has a shiny vinyl like finish while the blue was a sparkly matte and the brown/nude pencil the brown was a rich chocolately finish while the nude was a shimmery iridescent color with flecks of glitter. Gorgeous! I would have walked off with the purple, silver, and blue duo pencils as well, but I restrained myself! 

Good thing, because next new items were 2 of the 3 pigments from the holiday Antiquitease Color collection! For a loooooong while all they had was one, ONE jar of pigment in Pastoral, of which I am not a big fan. Labeled as a gilded green, I just had to pass due to my yellow undertones. Most greens, I have to pass and use the deepest of olives to avoid a catastrophic look and this green, definitely fit the offender profile. Then suddenly appeared Sweet Sienna and Gold Stroke, both neutral earth tones. Taupes have to be my all time favorite favorite shade, Satin Taupe being my ultimate BFF! So when I saw this gem dubbed as a dirty brown with gray pearl, I knew it was just fancy schmancy talk for Taupe and I swooped it up! But of course I couldn't just leave behind its one surviving sibling (How can I break up a family?) Gold Stroke the mid-tone chocolate brown with red pearlized pigments, was calling out to me as well with its demure neutrality. I was very sad not to find Your Ladyship (creamy white w/ gold pearlized pigments) but that would have just been too good, huh?

That's it for my CCS update/haul. I would have loaded more pix, but my computer, internet, and Blogger are all in cahoots and the trio is causing me problemos. I am oh so tired tonight to deal so maybe an edit another night. GO TO YOUR LOCAL CCS!

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