Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Big O!

$25.00 retail

It's the most gushed about blush in the beauty world. The name is controversial and I sometimes feel odd when speaking of it but let us pretend we're grown ups here for a moment shall we?! NARS Orgasm Blush (not giggling) and I started our own monogamous love affair in June of 2007. I was in the market for a new, natural looking blush and NARS had the perfect match. My number one complaint has always been that most of the blushes which claim to achieve a natural flush always appeared orange on me due to my yellow undertones. Consequently, I would always prefer the more pink or plum hues with blue undertones to offset my yellowishness. Being that I wasn't a big blush kind of girl to being with, I only owned two from MAC. Both were nice, but just didn't have the "it" factor for me. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a die hard MAC girl, but for some reason their facial products just do not agree with my skin type. I always break out horribly and after giving MAC many tries, I gave in and attempted to branch out finally. With Sephora as the matchmaker, I was introduced to NARS Orgasm Blush while shopping for my cousin's bridal look and fell instantly in LOVE. Ever since, I have been a one blush kind of girl because if ain't broke, why fix it? This color is so universal, it goes with every look from soft and natural to dramatic and smokey. As if it couldn't get any better, when applied with the MAC 187, the result is just ooooooooooooooh. my. NARS! The look is subtle with minimal shimmer, more of a natural glowy sheen than spackled sparkle. Needless to say, NARS Orgasm Blush is my cheek's soulmate! But if I do get the inclination to try another shade, I definitely will check out what else NARS has to offer. Any suggestions???

Honorable mention: Instyle.com

Accolades: 2004 & 2007 Best of Sephora

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