Friday, August 22, 2008

Beauty in Bulk #2!

Got the entire American atlas naturally tattooed on your tummy and bum? Gotta love Mother Nature for that pleasant gift! But wait, why isn't good ole "natural" Coco Butter doing what everyone's promised it would do and for tons cheaper no less? Actually, Mother Nature, you're just plain mean!

Have you've always wanted to try StriVectin-SD but couldn't manage to justify the price vs. this darn human necessity to eat? Well our friends at have just answered our prayers of stretch mark and wrinkle freedom! They've put together a beauty bundle and enticingly titled it the Gift of Youth! Contained in it is:

All for a budget friendly total of only $69.99! Costco's giving us pocket book mortals a chance to sample these couture skin care items for a fraction of the cost! I would hurry because popular products sold at Costco move fast! Once upon a not too long ago time I was blogging about a tremendous beauty deal on and before I could publish the sucker, they had sold out!

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