Monday, August 25, 2008

Beauty Icon!

Who is your ultimate celebrity beauty icon? I have had many girl crushes throughout the years, but my one true lady love has always been, and probably will forever be...



Seriously, I heart Gweny Gwen Gwen with a passion. She is the ultimate Orange County, CA girl! Her style is so effortless chic. She never looks like she tries too hard, yet always manages to look immaculate. Whether on a family outing or at a Hollywood event, Gwen always dresses to the T. I have been to my fair share of No Doubt and solo Gwen concerts, was one of the first to snag the L perfume from her L.A.M.B line (or so I like to think) as well as a few handbags, watches, shoes, and clothing items. Even my little girl has her own pair of L.A.M.B shoes! Obsessed, is mildly putting it. I need to find out where Kingston will be attending pre-school so that I can arrange a play date with my baby girl! Who is not named Gwen, if you're curious. I would have, but her given name suits her better. (Really though, my husband drew the line as I am mentally incapable to have boundaries when it comes to my femme fatale attraction.

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